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Slyrs Whisky


In 779 the five monks Adalung, Hiltupalt, Kerpalt, Anthony and Otakir founded a monastery in the solitude of Schliersee. They gave their worldly possessions for the monastery and called it SLYRS. Later the area was named after the monastery, from which in turn originated Schliers and Schliersee.
At that time a shimmering green-yellow clay, which occurred in the upper molasses and which is typical for the area, was called SLYRS.
1228 years later, again at Schliersee, there was a new pioneering challenge. The establishment of the single malt whisky distillery SLYRS.


In 1994, Florian Stetter (former Master Distiller and Owner of Lantenhammer Distillery), together with his colleagues from the distillery guild, visited the Scottish Speyside region where the landscape is quite similar to Upper Bavaria: pine forests, mountains, clear lakes, rushing rivers and clean air. All that reminded Florian Stetter of his home. Furthermore, the Scottish population has a certain stubbornness, a difficult pronunciation and the tendency to live in a free state. Even the national dress, the kilt, represents a special tradition like the leather shorts in Bavaria.
One evening during this tour and after a few glasses of whisky, Florian Stetter bet a crate of Bavarian wheat beer, that he will distill whisky in Bavaria.
So it happened. Florian Stetter returned to the „Hopf“ Brewery in Miesbach where he had learned the craft of brewing in order to start his first whisky mash production.
In mid-2007, the complete production process was concentrated in our newly constructed whisky distillery in Neuhaus: From the delivery of the barley malt to the maturation of the whisky in barrels.